‘Run Like Hell’ was initially conceived as a 3rd person sci-fi/horror experience that would be presented with pre-rendered backgrounds.

The images shown here represent a level section that was developed as a prototype proof of concept. The level of geometric detail in these scenes is immense; everything was modeled as accurately as possible, down to bevels on bolt heads and filaments in light bulbs. Surfacing was realized with traditional texture maps and custom shaders. I was responsible for nearly all aspects of this level’s design and construction.
It all started with a rather enormous space station ... I designed it like a big long cylinder, because cylinders are cool. I pissed off the designers. Start the game on the left, finish the game exiting the station on the right. Easy.
An early concept of the start of game hangar environment, which set the tone for how the rest of the station would be designed.
Space Station Corridor: This environment was created with as much model and texture detail as possible, since the original game design specified pre-rendered backgrounds. There is no post-processing in these images, all models, shaders, and environmental effect were embedded into the scene and rendered as a cohesive whole.
Concept design for small personnel shuttle. A digital model was created and used throughout the game.
Concept design for corridor wall section. Countless detailed elevation views of architectural elements were created for both internal and contract art teams.
Concept design for Hero shotgun weapon.
Concept design for Hero sidearm weapon.
Concept design for interactive game prop. As with architectural elements, many detailed drawings were created for both internal and contract art teams.
Final logo design for station, used in-game and for marketing collateral.
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