Greetings! My name is Joe Cesario...welcome to my portfolio site and thanks for your interest.
I graduated from Cal State University Long Beach with a BS degree in Industrial Design and worked in that capacity for a couple years leading up to and for a short time after graduation. Not feeling compelled to continue down that road at the time (I was a bit burned out and frankly, wanted to do something else for awhile), I changed course and sought work in the rapidly expanding video games business. I quickly joined Interplay Entertainment as a concept designer and eventually went on to embrace 3d technology and added 3d Environment Artist to my skill set. 
After 15+ years, a few employers, several promotions, and an avalanche of new computer/console technology improvements, my run was at its was time to strike out on my own and see what I could do as an independent contractor.
Leveraging everything I had learned at CSULB and as a professional digital designer, I quickly started my own company...two actually: the first an industrial design firm called Studio|Basis through which I made contributions to design projects throughout Southern California, and the second an independent software developer and pop culture merchandise biz focusing on entertainment and educational mobile apps...aka Robots And Rocketships. I was fortunate to be able to work on a fairly consistent stream of work for hire projects as well as some personal creative endeavors. Many successful products emerged from these businesses, all of which improved my design skills of course, but also encouraged me to learn how to operate an independent creative practice and keep myself and my clients happy.
Most recently I've worked as a Lead UI/UX Visual Designer for ToughBuilt Industries, a manufacturer of pro-level consumer tools and accessories in Irvine CA.
As for what's next...
It's pretty simple really: Design is what I's what I makes me whole. That may sound a little trite but it is my truth. I continuously hone my craft as a design professional, doing my best to bring all of my experience to bear for those that request it (and sometimes even for those that don't...sorry, I can't help it).
I love to learn. Keeping one eye on the present, I'm constantly searching for the next big adventure: Learning a new hard skill, bringing some semblance of order to chaos, or trying to better understand what makes people tick and why we make the decisions that we make. I'm fascinated by human behavior...I like to think I can bend it to achieve a certain goal (nefarious or otherwise), but that's what designers do I suppose.
If you made it this far...thanks! I sincerely appreciate your time. Drop me a line if you'd like to chat about one of my projects, one of your projects, or just to say hello!
All the best...
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