flip! ... poor! fries? ... Perfect!
After the success of the smash hit OrderUp! for Nintendo Wii...on which I was Lead Artist...Supervillain Studios was determined to ride the wave of enthusiasm surrounding its newly created culinary universe. They enlisted my help once again to assist with high fidelity art adaptation for iOS platforms.
orange chicken? well of course it is, and you can too!
Gameplay revolves around how efficiently new orders can be prepared and served within a given day. Menus are determined by restaurant, and as the player gets better and successfully completes each day, more challenging menus and demanding customers are unlocked.
What the ... ?!? Fish Carve ... Double Perfect!
Every restaurant has a Boss...in our game they take the form of a restaurant critic. They show up unannounced (so rude) and really turn up the pressure to cook at the best of your ability. As you can imagine, this gets harder and harder as the restaurants get fancier.
dinner is served!
Preparing and cooking ingredients are only part of the equation (big ones for sure though). It takes a crack wait staff to ensure meals are delivered hot and without fuss. Girls Night Out just got a lot better!
here we are! Thanks be to Andy and Elliot too!
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