project brief
Walk-in bathtubs can be difficult to install, challenging to use, and typically just don't fit the esthetic of contemporary bathroom design.
Axcess Innovations, a Huntington Beach CA based manufacturer of premium bath fixtures, has turned the industry on it's ear with the introduction of a walk-in tub/shower combination designed with style and usability in mind.
Prior to starting full-scale production, I was commissioned to create several photo-realistic lifestyle vignettes of the tub using the SolidWorks CAD data generated by the Axcess engineering team.
concept design
Shown here are several late stage concepts highlighting the unique style and function of these groundbreaking walk-in tub/shower configurations, rendered directly from SolidWorks and using traditional visualization techniques. CAD data was the foundation from which the final rendered images would be built upon.
style guide
With product concepts and CAD data in hand several style guides were created that would eventually inform the esthetic for each of the bathroom vignettes. The Axcess marketing team decided to develop three unique looks to complement different tub configurations. Shown here are the directions chosen for the final imagery, I was given creative license to tweak the 3d scenes to best accommodate the tub within the environment.
Final rendered imagery
CAD data was imported into the 3d application modo and the bathroom environments were built to accommodate different tub configurations. The tubs were surfaced based on established CMS specifications, and bathrooms textured, accessorized, and lit.
The scenes were then sent to a cloud-based render farm for final high resolution images.
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