Tower Wars!
A tower defense game from Supervillain Studios, was the latest in a line of original content created by the studio. As a component of the marketing campaign, collectable cards were printed highlighting the games main characters which were then to be sent to members of the press to announce the product. Rather than simply inserting the cards into a padded envelope, I offered to design and hand-craft this unique packaging.
Receiving these cards needed to be an experience worth remembering...

A single sheet of corrugated cardboard served as the front and back covers of the 'book', wrapped with a strip of die cut corrugated paper.

The black strip is held closed with a custom round Supervillain sticker, perforated down the middle for easy tearing.

See? Easy tearing!

Once the sticker is torn, the black paper strip is easily removed.

Open wide! On the left, a large sticker with game information is placed. On the right, the cards are nested within a form fitting cut-out.

In order to remove the cards, I custom cut and folded this vellum 'lifter' which hugged the stack of cards. Pull any one of the four tabs to lift the stack up and out.

In the spirit of repurposing, the 'negative' from the black strip die cut was adhered behind the cards.

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