working screens
The main screen of this device is a full-color TFT backlit LCD screen...referred to during development as the 'working screen'. Here are three states of the main working screen for this device, each displaying increasing levels of precision from left to right.
video walkthrough
Video of a partial walkthrough of the device from startup to shutdown, created in Adobe Xd. Shown are interactions between the hard keys on the tool and the interface.
The dynamic menu system is a key component of the ToughBuilt Digital Design Language, and is used throughout the company's digital products.
segmented LCD display
A secondary screen is available on the top of the device. It is a backlit segmented LCD display, intended to be used to conserve battery life ( it consumes far less power than the main full color TFT display) or as simply an alternate to the main display. 
These displays require a completely different mode of thinking for a UI designer...all elements that can be displayed need to exist in their own unique space in the design, which are then etched into the substrate of the LCD display. These elements can then be selectively activated/deactivated according to the needs of the device.
The design is completed in Adobe Illustrator at actual size, and then sent to the factory for etching and assembly.
A little concept design work. On the left I'm trying to get my brain wrapped around the idea of slope as a unit of measure. In the center some segmented LCD ideation, and on the right is a page of general doodlings.
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