load, welcome, and account creation
loading animation
Created in Adobe After Effects and used as a loading animation for app and embedded systems. Exported from After Effects as a Lottie file for app integration.
high fidelity wireframe in figma - first device connection
This wireframe demonstrates the steps the user takes to make a bluetooth connection to their hardware device. Using the BLE protocol, multiple devices are able to be connected simultaneously.
Laser Distance Measurer - capture area flow
high fidelity wireframe in figma - Laser measurer - area capture
Once a device is connected, the app is ready to receive captured measurements via Bluetooth. In this wireframe we see the individual steps presented to the user, from each individual component of the measurement (length and width) to the calculated value...we include additional values where appropriate, in this case we can calculate a perimeter. The measurement is saved to a local history list for use in projects and reports.
When working out interactivity issues and/or simply needing time away from a screen for critical thinking, nothing beats putting pen to paper for some quality analog problem solving...at least for me.
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