loading animation
Created in Adobe After Effects and used as a loading animation for app and embedded systems. Exported from After Effects as a Lottie file for app integration.
bluetooth connecting icons
Concepts for a Bluetooth connecting idle animation to be used in app. The yellow version on the right was a concept using color and shape from the company style guide, but was in violation of the Bluetooth Brand Guidelines. Ultimately the version on the left was created and approved for in-app use.
other connectivity icon animations
Another batch of connectivity icon concepts...three exploratory concepts with simple circles, and three more using the final app icon design.
moisture meter gauge
Sample animations demonstrating three moisture states in a substrate. These were created as a guideline for the dev team to emulate. Since the animation is completely dynamic and varies based on what is being measured, there is no way these can exist as a single canned animation.
Connected depth penetrating scanning device
Imagine a handheld consumer-level device capable of looking into the walls of a house, revealing studs (both wood and metal), metal pipe/conduit, and electrical cable runs...all with high fidelity resolution.
It's coming. Here are samples I created to communicate how the raw sensor data resolves into crisp material representations.
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