When inXile Entertainment made the decision to release the updated and expanded Directors Cut version of their venerable Wasteland 2, a new User Interface was needed in order to present the massive amount of new information and character customization. Working closely with Art Director Maxx Kaufmann and Design Director Chris Keenan, I was invited to assist in the redesign of the Wasteland 2 UI. Leaning heavily on existing art assets, and creating fresh assets as needed, the new UI screens were designed to accomodate extensive new gameplay mechanics.
quirk selection
Quirk selection ... 'Way of the Squeezins'? Sure, why not! Throughout the design of the new UI, I tried to maintain consistency of title bars and controller button locations. This often led to some off-center windows, a happy accident which kept the design lively. I always prefer a sort of consistent asymmetry in my designs.
create your character
customize your character
assemble your squad
Squad Selection GO! Interesting that they all have the same stats ... it's okay, this was just a mock-up.
SELL!! Not a whole lot different from the Buy Interface ... still nothing to sell either. Really the difference here is the use of the player stat area on the left, rather than the portrait.
Combat! This was one of the new additions to the combat interface for the Director's Edition. Difficult to see in a still image, the large 'lens' at the top would rotate about the center in order to select combat options presented in the smaller round perimeter screens. Additional information is displayed in the center screen.
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